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Dedicated to the Prevention of Unauthorized Document Duplication
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Self Expiring Secure Name Badges
for use in Laser Printers

Self Expiring Name Badge

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Self Expiring Secure Visitor Name Badge Record System

Self Expiring
Secure Name Badges

10 Self Expiring Name Badges be sheet
Ten Self Expiring Badges per Sheet
Custom print SecureGuardTM Self Expiring Badge Labels
with your Laser Printer.

computer print self expiring name badges
Ready to Imprint with your laser printer

Word 97-2003

Word 2007

pdf - Name Badge Layout Template

  • Print Name Badges,
    One Day Coupons, Admission Passes

    • Self Expiring Daily Parking Passes

      Self Expiring Parking Permit

    • Daily Tickets
    • One Day Food Tickets

      One Day Food Tickets

    • Cafeteria Pass
    • One Day Admission Pass
    • Visitor Passes
    • Show Badges
    • One Day Event Tickets
    • Single Day In Store Discount Coupon
    • Building Admission Pass
    • Daily Juror Badge

      Self Expiring Juror Badge

    • One Day Guest Ticket
    • Waterproof label applications

  • Badge EXPIRES in 24 hours

To activate Self Expiring Name Badge
To Activate, fold tab back onto adhesive badge.

  • Waterproof ~ Badges expire even if wet

  • 100 Self Expiring Name Badges per package
  • 10 sheets (8-1/2" x 11")

    Item Number SP800
    $25.00 per package plus shipping by UPS

  • Need Larger Quantities ?

  • 1,000 self expiring labels per package
  • 100 sheets - 10 labels per sheet
    Item Number SP800-B
    $200.00 per package plus shipping by UPS

  • When you issue a SecureGuard™ Visitor Badge
    You know it will expire within 24 hours.

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